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Professional Translation Abu Dhabi, Dubai

Dubai Professional Translations, Proofreading And Editing Services

Aldiwan specializes in providing a wide range of professional translation and language services including:

  • Accurate and professional translations of financial, technical, medical, legal and general business documents
  • Website translations into one or more languages
  • Desktop publishing
  • Proofreading and editing
  • Notarization
  • Attestation.


Technical, Scientific and Engineering Translations:

Because modern technology is highly specialized, Aldiwan uses certified translators who possess subject matter expertise in addition to knowledge of languages. Our translators are familiar with technical terms and the correct contexts for them. Each translator is scrutinized for technical knowledge and Aldiwan establishes in which fields they can competently and expertly translate.

Aldiwan ensures high quality of translated documents by applying quality assurance and project management principles to translations. When a translation is completed, it is reviewed by a qualified linguist who is a native speaker of the target language.


Legal Translations:

Accuracy becomes even more crucial when it comes to translating legal documents, because knowledge of legal systems and cultural traditions is important. Aldiwan's legal translators have the necessary legal and language expertise to produce accurate and competent translations.


Medical, Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Translations:

Since 80% of all medical device accidents are caused by user error, accurate translation of manuals is needed to avoid injuries and deaths that can lead to expensive lawsuits.

Aldiwan's professional medical translators are both experts in languages and experts in healthcare, and they understand the stringent regulatory requirements of the medical and pharmaceutical professions.


Patent and Intellectual Property Translations:

Intellectual property and patent translations are perhaps the most rigorous forms of translation because they form the basis for multi-million-dollar business assets and decisions.

Aldiwan's patent and intellectual property translators are highly skilled and hold advanced degrees in legal fields.

We offer three levels of services in patent and intellectual property translations:

  • Full translation of the complete text.
  • Partial translation of areas such as claims sections, portions of the claims section, summary of the invention, etc.
  • General outline translation that captures and summarizes key points of the invention.

    Literature and Marketing Copy Translations:

    To properly translate literature and marketing copy, it is vital for the translator to have a full understanding of both languages culture including unique symbolism, metaphors, puns and other references. It is almost the equivalent of translating feelings, and Aldiwan's translators who work in this area possess the cultural richness that is necessary to translate not only the words but the emotional power behind the words as well.


    Desktop Publishing:

    To make completed translations look like the original document in terms of format and formatting, Aldiwan offers complete Desktop Publishing services for both MAC and PC platforms using up-to-date software.


    Professional Proofreading:

    Errors in business or technical documents can be costly, and in medical documents mistakes can cost lives. Aldiwan's proofreading is performed with precision and attention to detail by our qualified, experienced proofreaders and editors.


    Notarization of Translations:

    If we are required to have translations notarized, we will provide a notarized certificate. Our certified translator obtains this certificate by appearing before a Notary Public and signing a certificate that the translation is true and correct.


    Attestations of Documents In UAE:

    Aldiwan offers attestations of documents from local and foreign UAE authorities.


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