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Scientific Translations By Professional Translators

Science is a highly specialized field which incorporates many areas. These include medical, technology, engineering, biomedical, pharmaceutical, and many others. Several countries are innovative leaders in the field of science and as such share a great deal of their research and findings worldwide. Companies who manufacture science products which may be used by hospitals and physicians market these products on a global level. This requires various companies to secure scientific translations to accurately communicate their findings or share information regarding their product.

Aldiwan – Scientific Translation Services

Medical manufactures are required to provide translations of the manuals which accompany their products. Many accidents have occurred as a result of inaccurate scientific translations. For this reason, Aldiwan is highly committed to providing the most accurate and precise translations of all scientific documents and data.

Aldiwan is a company which provides scientific translations for various companies. Aldiwan has experience working with:

  • Government
  • Research departments
  • Colleges of medical education
  • Physicians
  • Hospitals
  • Pharmacies
  • Medical Manufacturers
  • Engineer Corporations

The work with these types of companies has provided Aldiwan the experience necessary in the field to provide precise scientific translations. Aldiwan scientific translators are highly experienced in the science field and work only in areas in which they are specialized. Translators must be a native speaker of the target language as well as have a background in the particular science field.

Procedure Of Scientific Document Translations

Aldiwan realizes the importance of scientific translations and therefore has established a quality control system. A procedure is in place at Aldiwan to ensure all documents are translated appropriately and accurately. The translator will be assigned to a particular translation project. In most cases, only one translator is assigned to each client as a way to maintain precision of translation services. This individual will use one’s native language capabilities as well as scientific knowledge to translate the document. Computer translation software is avoided because of the delicate topic. Additionally, computer software is often unreliable and inaccurate.

All scientific translations are reviewed by additional personnel with experience in the target language and the particular scientific field. This is completed to ensure a correctly translated document.

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