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Professional Translation Services

Businesses today are working with other businesses across the globe. The sheer number of global transactions is on an increase. As some businesses are from different countries a language barrier exists. This can become a problem when sharing documents and information. Therefore, companies today require professional translation services.

Aldiwan offers professional translation services in several different languages. The translation service offered covers various documents which include:

  • Legal documents
  • Contracts
  • Press releases
  • Proposals
  • Websites
  • Medical journals or articles
  • Engineering manuals
  • And much more

Translator Requirements

Aldiwan offers multi-lingual professional services by only certified translators. Translations carried out by Aldiwan translators follow specific requirements. To ensure accurate translation of documents, Aldiwan assigns translators to work on client documents that are being translated into their native language. This helps to provide a more precise translation since the translator is well aware of the semantics of the native language.

Translators employed with Aldiwan not only are required to be a certified translator, but must have expertise in a particular industry. A translator who has knowledge and experience in the industry for which the document is written, will have a much higher rate of translation accuracy. Aldiwan implements this additional requirement on its translators because every industry contains its own jargon which can impact the written form of communication. Therefore, Aldiwan professional translation services ensure clients are working with a translator who has experience in that particular industry as well as native control of the language.

Human Translation Services Only

Aldiwan offers only human translation services and does not use computer software. Human translation is the only way to offer high quality services because computer software can fall short of translating documents accurately. This could damage a clientís reputation. Aldiwan works diligently to provide only top quality work and therefore relies solely on highly qualified human translators.

Multi-lingual Services

Professional translation services are offered in many different languages. These include:

  • Spanish
  • French
  • Chinese
  • Proposals
  • Arabic
  • English
  • Japanese
  • German

Professional Translation services in additional languages exist. However, the number is so extensive they all cannot be listed here. Contact Aldiwan for a more inclusive list of languages.

Order and receive our professional translation services online.

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