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Legal Translations

Translating a legal document is without question one of the most challenging types of translations. The reason for this is because legal documents are written based on the laws of a particular country. This means that the written document may contain references to previous legal cases or statutes which may not exist in the target language’s laws. Therefore, translating them can be quite difficult.

Additionally, a legal document often contains particular words or phrases which may not translate accurately into the target language. Therefore, if not translated properly the message of the legal document can be construed and change the entire meaning which could potentially result in a lawsuit.

Using The Right Legal Translator For You

As legal documents are written based on the culture of a law, it is imperative that one find a reputable legal translator. Aldiwan has been successfully translating legal documents for a number of years. The translators at Aldiwan are well aware of the problems legal translations face and as such devote a great deal of time, commitment, research, dedication, and review in order to provide top quality translated documents.

Aldiwan Translators For Professional Legal Translation

Aldiwan translators approach legal translations by first analyzing the document and identifying the legal aspects. This means that translators begin to translate the document in terms of the rights and duties outlined in the document. This takes a great deal of knowledge regarding the law of both the language the document is being translated from as well as the new target language. The next step is to maintain the meaning of the original document and translate the words into the target language. The difficulty lies when not all words translate appropriately because the words are based on the culture of the language. This is why it is most difficult to perform legal translations word for word. This would result in a document different from the original in regards to its message.

Aldiwan is very careful when it comes to legal translations. Extra precaution is taken in assigning a translator. All translators with Aldiwan must demonstrate mastery of the two languages while having previous knowledge about law. The translator must have experience and knowledge of the law from both countries.

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