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Abu Dhabi Professional Translation, Proofreading And Editing Services

Aldiwan, a translation company, provides services to several cities in United Arab Emirates including the capital city, Abu Dhabi. This company offers a wide variety of professional translation, editing and proofreading services which help companies communicate more precisely with other companies and the general public.

Aldiwan Professional Translation Services

Several professional services are offered to Abu Dhabi companies which include translation services. Professional Translation services are offered in a variety of industries such as legal, engineering, financial, and many others. These translation services are offered by qualified and experienced translators. Each translator hired goes through a rigorous application process which requires each translator to provide documentation of mastery of language as well as expertise in a particular industry field.

In addition to translation services, Abu Dhabi companies can hire Aldiwan to perform other services. These services include:

  • Proofreading and editing
  • Website Translations
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Notarizations

Proofreading and editing services performed by Aldiwan include an extensive review of a document. The document may be a brochure, a report, marketing literature, newsletters, website content, user manuals, and many others. Aldiwan pays particular attention to this service because a published document which contains grammatical errors can generate a negative impression of the company. Aldiwan avoids this at all costs for its clients. Abu Dhabi companies can obtain proofreading and editing services on original documents as well as translations.

Website translation services are also available for companies worldwide. This is an important service because many businesses are working with other companies in different countries. Additionally, the Internet has provided the outlet for products and services to be offered on a global level. Therefore, a company may need to have their website translated into several different languages to acquire a customer base from other countries. Many Abu Dhabi based companies have experienced this need for website translation.

Abu Dhabi Translation services often may require desktop publishing services in an attempt to maintain the look of the original document. The translation may not match the exact number of characters which can cause the document to appear to be incorrectly formatted. The desktop publishing service can rectify this problem and can be applied to both MAC and PC platforms.

Aldiwan offers professional accurate translation services to help Abu Dhabi companies improve their customer base and productivity.

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